Patisserie a la campange 自由が丘

Patisserie a la campagne 自由が丘

1-3-13 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku Tokyo, Japan

Website: http://www.alacampagne.jp/index.php/shoplist/shop24

Price: 1000~2000yen

 Cafe and Patisserie in Jiyugaoka along the Suzukake street with many cafes. The famous Hara Donuts (Donuts made out of Tofu) store is next to it.  I love its retro exterior and its wooden interior. Its tile floors and the wooden tables and benches welcomes you with a warm touch. It feels like you are right at home.  First floor consists of take out cakes, breads, and gifts such as cookies, and sweets. The second floor can seat up to 60 people made as a cafe. Enjoy lunch with your friends, and families. Along with lunch, enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon tea with a cup of coffee and a cake. The coffees come in a fairly large cup so take your time to sit back and relax with a long chat. Many kind of cakes awaits you to try and even displayed in the windows to look at them outside. I know for sure that you will be impressed by the work they do on those cakes. They look gorgeous and filled with many fruits used especially on tarts. The cakes are not too sweet and a good size to finish. I would give this store 4 out of 5 stars. I will have to try their lunch menus.

Blood Orange Tart
Fruit Tart
I tried these tarts and they were wonderful. I loved how they use unusual fruits like blood orange to make tarts. The tart pies were crispy and filled with cream, but not too sweet and dense.

Cafe Au Lait


艸楽庵 (そうらくあん)

艸楽庵 (そうらくあん)

神奈川県足柄下郡箱根町湯本茶屋208 天山湯冶郷





店舗入り口 テラス席にもお客さんがいっぱい!



Trattoria Gargas Tokyo

Trattoria Gargas Tokyo
東京都中央区銀座4-6-16 銀座三越11階

4-6-16 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-8212 Japan
Ginza Mitsukoshi 11th Floor
tel: 03-6228-8233
website: http://www.vinvino-to.jp/gargas/
price: lunch 1500 yen ~ dinner 5000yen~

A famous Italian restaurant owned by Juliani Gargani in Firenze, Italy finally opened its branch in Ginza, Tokyo. The restaurant is located inside the renewed Ginza Mitsukoshi Department store on the 11th floor.  The interior of the restaurant is compact and small with many artistic painting produced by Gargani himself.

The start of this restaurant dates back in 1979 where Juliani Gargani and his wife opens a small restaurant on Via del Moro. The name of the restaurant "Gargas" comes from his nick name.  In 1984, now the chef of Tokyo; Elio Cotza joined this restaurant who served as Gargani's right hand.  Working over 25 years in Firenze, he now is the main chef of Tokyo Branch.

finally the entrance after an hour wait in the line!!
 After waiting for an hour to get in, we finally got into the restaurant. We predicted that it would be very busy since Mitsukoshi had its grand renewal opening in September. It had not been long that I went to the restaurant since its new opening.

Paintings along the walls and ceilings
 I loved the compact interior with many drawings on the walls and ceilings. I felt as if I were in a small antique cafe in Italy. I had a great time looking through the interior while waiting for the food to arrive.

oops...a little blurry there.
I ordered the Pranzo Pasta, Pasta lunch comes with mixed salad, pasta, and bread. (1500 yen)
Pasta- Handmade Tagliorini with Veal Ragot sauce (+300 yen)

service bread...not very fascinating. very small and cold...
mixed salad
The mixed salad was rather a simple salad with olive oil and rock salt. Good mixture of greens, prosciutto, and the tomato. The saltiness of the prosciutto matched very well with the mixed greens. Since the lightness of the dressing, I liked how it represented every taste of the mixed vegetable.

Tagliorini with Veal Ragot sauce

Prosciutto, Porchini, and Eggplant Pasta in Parmesan

Pasta I found it very impressing actually. The one I had above, from the name of it, it seems very thick and heavy, but it was not at all thick or heavy. The pasta came just right in al dente, the taste was rich but seemed to made it light and smooth with use of chopped carrots. I also liked the pasta that my mom had in which let a strong but again not heavy scent of Parmesan cheese with the right saltiness of Prosciutto. I especially enjoyed the scent and texture of Porchini as well as the use of egg plant.

I will have to go try dinner. The one thing that ruins the whole place is that I saw no windows in the restaurant. How I thought it would be nice to glance out of the 11th floor and enjoy a nice Tokyo night scenery. Oh well, I will just have to go with the interior of the restaurant and some wine will do good:)